Originally created to provide additional capacity for the shipping public, the Talon Logistics network has developed into a sophisticated Third-party logistics company. Talon is a one stop shop service for its customers of outsourced (or “third party”) logistics services for part, or all of their supply chain management functions. 

The Talon Logistics network specializes in transportation services that can be scaled and customized to our customer’s needs based on market conditions, the demands and delivery service requirements for their products, and materials.

The Talon Logistics network has expanded to include Talon Logistics, Talon Logistics Services and Talon Dedicated. Talon Logistics has over 10,000 carriers and small fleet owners under contract to assist with your transportation needs on a moment’s notice.

Talon Logistics Services, our asset based trucking division, allows us flexibility in handling our customers’ domestic van freight and international container movements. Talon Dedicated will assist you in bringing stability and efficiency to your transportation needs by bringing a solution that best fits our customer needs which could include dedicated asset, managed services, additional partner capacity or a combination of the three.

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